PEUGEOT electric bikes adapt perfectly to your lifestyle, wherever you ride. In the city, you’ll arrive on time at the office, fresh and ready for the day. On the open road, rediscover the pleasure of long rides, whatever your age. In the mountains, speed to the summits so you can take full advantage of the descents. You’ll discover these new experiences thanks to the latest generation of motors and batteries that equip PEUGEOT electric bikes.

From 1 999,00
Folding electric ebike Peugeot eF01

Key features :

Folding aluminium frame

Single-sided aluminium fork

Up to 30 km of range

Discover the range

Trottinette eKick

From 899,00 €


From 1 499,00 €


From 1 999,00 €


From 1 699,00 €

From 1 199,00
Peugeot electric bike eC03 D7

Affordable and well equipped

Choose PEUGEOT eC03 bikes for getting around the city. Discover the city on our affordable electric-assisted bikes, including all the features you need to get to work on time every day. The low weight of these PEUGEOT city bikes is an advantage for long journeys. And with the powerful motor, you'll always arrive alert and ready to go.


From 9 999,00 €

eU01 Street Pack

From 3 399,00 €

From 2 299,00
Mixt electric trekking bike Peugeot eT01 Sport mixt

Enjoy longer rides in the city and beyon

Take a relaxed approach to any type of journey with the full range of accessories available on the PEUGEOT eT01 trekking bike. Select a top-of-the-range PEUGEOT electric-assisted bike for longer rides, in the city or off the beaten track. Take advantage of new-generation batteries and motors and play anywhere with your touring bike.


From 2 499,00 €


From 1 399,00 €

eM02 Full Suspension
From 3 499,00
Full suspension electric bike Peugeot eM02 FS SLX 10

Fast and comfortable to push back the li

Take full advantage of the most challenging trails with the new-generation features available on PEUGEOT eM02 FS bikes. When you're out in the mountains, add to the fun with a fast uphill climb, thanks to the powerful motor of these electric-assisted mountain bikes. Take on the steepest slopes in comfort with these full suspension PEUGEOT bikes.

eR02 Apex

From 3 299,00 €

eR02 Ultegra

From 3 699,00 €

From 3 499,00
Electric Fat bike Peugeot eFB01

Key features :

Performance Line Bosch motor

Shimano M396 brakes

Kenda 26" x 4.00" tires