Explore the range of PEUGEOT MOUNTAIN bikes. Whatever your level or ambition, there is a model that suits you. For the more adventurous, face the steepest gradients and the most challenging obstacles with the high-performance MTBs. Whether you chose a hard tail or full suspension, you’ll find carbon frames, hydraulic disc brakes and the latest generation suspension, specifically designed for the PEUGEOT mountain bike range.  You’ll find the summits are easy to reach so you can take full advantage of the descents thanks to the electric models equipped with the most powerful motors and lithium-ion batteries.

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From 2 499,00
Mountaint ebike Peugeot eM02

Faster uphill and faster down

Enjoy new experiences with the modern suspension and advanced disc brakes of PEUGEOT eM02 mountain bikes. Find the model best suited to your needs based on the different levels of equipment available for these mountain bikes. Discover new types of terrain with PEUGEOT electric-assisted bikes.

M03 27.5 G Vbrake

From 379,00 €


From 379,00 €

eM02 Full Suspension
From 3 499,00
Full suspension mountain ebike Peugeot eM02

Fast and comfortable

Take full advantage of the most challenging trails with the new-generation features available on PEUGEOT eM02 FS bikes. When you're out in the mountains, add to the fun with a fast uphill climb, thanks to the powerful motor of these electric-assisted mountain bikes. Take on the steepest slopes in comfort with these full suspension PEUGEOT bikes.

M02 FS 27.5+ D20

From 1 999,00 €

M01 FS À la carte

From 2 499,00 €

From 499,00
Mountain bike Peugeot M02

Shaped for the mountain

Discover new playing fields with the accessories available on PEUGEOT M02 mountain bikes. Make the most of the exceptional grip provided by these mountain bikes with their contemporary features. Opt for a PEUGEOT bike that won't let you down, no matter what the conditions encountered on mountain trails.


From 3 499,00 €


From 1 399,00 €

From 1 999,00
Mountain bike Peugeot M01

Carbon framework to test your limits

Discover premium PEUGEOT touring bikes with their ultralight carbon frames. You won't think twice about heading down the steepest slopes with the cutting-edge features of PEUGEOT M01 mountain bikes. Test your furthest limits in both practice and competition.