Wherever you ride, the PEUGEOT CITY and URBAN bicycles are perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Optimize your commute with the stylish and practical CITY bikes. Arrive on time at the office, fresh and ready for the day with an e-bike. Face the urban jungle with the fast, agile and efficient URBAN bikes. 

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Vélo vintage ville électrique Peugeot eLegend eLC01

Key features :

Racktime aluminium luggage rack

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

Triple Lion chainset

From 499,00
Vintage city bike Peugeot Legend LC01

the black and white checker return

Take on the urban jungle in style and comfort with PEUGEOT LC01 bikes. Stand out from the crowd with the emblematic symbols of PEUGEOT Legend bikes: the triple lion chainset and the black and white chequered flag. Choose an elegant, practical city bike for all your travel needs.


From 1 999,00 €


From 1 699,00 €

From 459,00
City bike Peugeot C02

Low-frame bike to facilitate your trips

Enjoy travelling around with PEUGEOT C02 bikes, designed with low frames for urban use. Get around efficiently from day-to-day with the equipment featured on these PEUGEOT low-frame bikes. Choose a PEUGEOT city bike for a perfect fit with your lifestyle.

From 1 999,00
City ebike Peugeot eC03

Affordable and well equipped

Choose PEUGEOT eC03 bikes for getting around the city. Discover the city on our affordable electric-assisted bikes, including all the features you need to get to work on time every day. The low weight of these PEUGEOT city bikes is an advantage for long journeys. And with the powerful motor, you'll always arrive alert and ready to go.

eU01 Street Pack