Peugeot Cycles’ rich history of innovation and competition began in 1886. Now a key pillar in PEUGEOT’s mobility strategy, with a specific focus on the electric revolution. Every customers need is catered for with a range spanning Junior, Trekking, Road, City, Urban and Mountain bikes.

Bi PEUGEOT big bike


Mass production of Penny farthings, characterised by a 1.36m front wheel and a small 40cm back wheel.

PEUGEOT Beaulieu Bicycles and tricycles


Start of the 20th century: In the Beaulieu plant, production reached 20,000 models, which included bicycles and tricycles.

Tour de France Trousselier PEUGEOT


Trousselier won the first of ten trophies for Peugeot in the Tour de France.



The new company, Peugeot cycles, was created which aimed to separate production of bicycles and automobiles.

PEUGEOT aluminium bicycle


Always the innovator, Peugeot unveiled a bike with a pressed aluminium frame.

PEUGEOT Romilly factory


Acquisition of the Romilly sur Seine plant which became the second largest production site.

PEUGEOT bikes french market leader


With 500 models of bicycles, Peugeot was the French market leader.

Tenth Victory PEUGEOT Tour de France Bernard Thévenet


Tenth of Peugeot's ten Tour de France wins with Bernard Thévenet.

Brazing technique PEUGEOT


Peugeot cycles introduced the brazing technique for manufacturing its frames, which means the join or welded seam cannot be seen.

First carbon bike PEUGEOT


First carbon bicycles introduced, a material that is 4.5 times lighter than steel and 3.2 times more resistant.

First mountain bike sells


Peugeot is the first French brand to sell a mountain bike

Mountain bike and trekking bike PEUGEOT


Cyclegroup were entrusted with the manufacturing, sales and marketing and became the owner of the entire production tool.

Speed world record PEUGEOT


A new world record on a Peugeot bike is reached : 212km/hour on a ski slope of the station of Vars.

PEUGEOT bikes car dealers


Peugeot maintains the activity of cycles through a network of some 50 dealers.

First hybrid bike PEUGEOT


First hybrid bike incorporated into Peugeot integral mobility offer.

First concept bike Peugeot World Motor Show


The first concept bike created by Peugeot designers was unveiled at the World Motor Show.

First mountain bike 29 inches PEUGEOT


First line of the history of Peugeot cycles to have been designed in collaboration with the ADN center of Peugeot. Peugeot is the first French brand to offer a 29" mountain bikes range

First eBike PEUGEOT AE21


Peugeot launch the AE21 HYbrid bike. Urban, compact, electric, smart with its clever-case for battery, laptop bag, antitheft station and usb port.