With these bikes, you can take on the most challenging climbs and legendary mountain passes of the Tour de France, or simply discover your local roads. In either case, these bikes provide no limit to your cycling pleasure. 

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From 1 599,00
Road bike Peugeot R02

Shaped to push your boundaries

Take the longest roads and prolong your sporting rides in all circumstances with these modern, efficient bikes. Push back your limits with the quality accessories available on these PEUGEOT road bikes. Pursue your personal objectives without worrying about your PEUGEOT R02 bike, recognised for its flawless build quality.

R02 Gravel
From 1 599,00
Gravel road bike Peugeot R02

Diversify your trips

Take new roads with PEUGEOT R02 Gravel bikes. Discover new horizons and challenge new trails without worrying about stability or tyres. Choose a PEUGEOT Gravel bike, designed to withstand the most difficult conditions for a supremely enjoyable biking experience.

R01 À la carte
Road bike custom frame Peugeot R01

Key features :

UD carbon frame

Carbon fork

Comfortable seat